Semantics 21 | Multi-Screen Viewer (MSV)
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Multi-Screen Viewer (MSV)


Multi-Screen Viewer (MSV)

Multi-Screen Viewer (MSV) is a specialist software application aimed towards reducing the time it takes to review, analyse, label and report upon video multimedia.

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MSV features an impressive array of intuitive, yet simple to use features specialised towards the analysis of video media, including:

  • Instantaneously splitting a video into 1, 2, 4, 8, or even 12 segments, whilst enabling each segment to be viewed in real time on a single screen
  • Video nudity detection
  • Unified controls to manipulate all video segments at the same time
  • Storyboard mode, instantly breaking videos into many still frames for quick review, with Carousel mode allowing up to 5 videos to be reviewed at once
  • Powerful playlist filters and controls to filter videos based on meta data, labels and more
  • Victim identification, including: extraction of GPS co-ordinates, GPS timestamps, camera make, camera model and lots more information. Functions also include the ability to plot GPS to live maps, perform various searches, or reveal if an video has been saved in a software application possibly indicating retouching or editing
  • Full Compliance and Support for CAID and Project-VIC (import and export of JSON files for information sharing and Vic’s data packages)
  • Supports X-Ways through use of the Semantics 21 and Jedson Technologies exporter, provided free with MSV and imView
  • Supports the importing of popular XML case data from other forensic applications including C4ALL (v1 and v2), Magnet (Axiom and IEF), UFED Cellbrite, MSAB XRY and Oxygen
  • Customisable, allowing user to make the application work in the way they want it to, as advanced or simple as required

Other features generic across all of our applications (where applicable) include:

  • Works offline, no internet required! (*except plotting to Google maps)
  • Full Compliance and Support for CAID/Project Vic
  • Simple, yet powerful graphical user interface
  • One-click filtering, frame capture, labelling and note adding
  • Streamlined report generation (designed to UK Police specifications)
  • Intelligence database building and integration
  • Supporting a large array of video file formats
  • Multi-processing and multi-threading ready
  • Forensically sound, with all standard features expected (and more!)

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