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Motion Video Player (MVP)


Motion Video Player (MVP)

Motion Video Player (MVP) is a specialist software application aimed towards reducing the time it takes to review video multimedia such as CCTV, camera feeds and security recordings.

MVP hosts powerful features such as motion detection, sound detection, and streamlined reporting, in addition to the array of playback and controls features expected from a high quality video player.

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MVP hosts an array of powerful, yet simple to deploy features including:

  • The ability to scan media for motion and/or sound detection (at simple user-settable threshold levels)
  • The ability to detect motion within a selected area of interest
  • Frame and video enhancement (to enhance visual quality of night, glare or degraded footage)
  • Multi-media stitching to join together multiple video fragments
  • The ability to export or select proportions of the input video to a new video file
  • Customisable, allowing the user to make the application work in the way they want it to, as advanced or simple as required
  • All standard features of a video player and more!

Other features generic across all of our applications (where applicable) include:

  • Works offline, no Internet required!
  • Simple, yet powerful graphical user interface
  • One-click filtering, frame capture and note adding
  • Streamlined report generation (designed to UK Police specifications)
  • Intelligence database building and integration
  • Supporting a large array of video file formats
  • Multi-processing and multi-threading ready
  • Forensically sound, with all standard features expected (and more!)

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