Semantics 21 | Who Are We?
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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Semantics 21 are software and algorithm developers who specialise in providing state-of-the-art, intelligent, multimedia analytics applications for law enforcement and associated organisations.

In the pursuit of reducing the ‘Semantic gap’ (the intelligence separating humans from computers), our applications are designed towards replicating the intelligent decision making patterns of humans, whilst harnessing the power, automation, consistency and continuity of the latest computing technology.

We have five leading applications MSV, imView, MVP. Coming soon are NDS+, and DVR-C, with many more products in development. Details of these can be seen in the ‘Our Products’ section of the website.


What Are Our Aims?

When we design, develop and test the cutting-edge tools we provide, we have very clear and crisp guidelines which help us ensure that we are working for you, the users. The market is saturated with tools which add layers of complexity, overload users with information, and put more pressure onto users, as opposed to assisting them. We are different. We strive to deliver:

  • Intuitive, simple and yet powerful tools to assist users
  • Tools with the power required, without ‘falling short’ or ‘overkill’, distilling complexities and simplifying workflows
  • Tools which allow users to concentrate on what they are reviewing, as opposed to the how
  • Tools which save time, by harnessing the power of advanced algorithms, because ultimately time is money

Average percentage of Cases CSE related


Average number of images reviewed in an investigation


Average percentage of unlawful media in positive triage cases

*Based on primary research conducted by Semantics 21 in 2016


You may ask yourself why do we do what we do?

We have a simple answer: All our products are aimed towards simplifying, streamlining, modernising and future proofing digital forensics.

In a constant ‘cat and mouse’ game of catch-up, law enforcement agencies are always on the back foot, reactive as opposed to proactive. Budget, time and expertise constraints understandably prevent them from being able to invest time and money into research to modernise procedures, and harness the power of computers.

We aim to tackle this issue, and provide semantically intelligent applications. Our applications are able to filter through thousands of images and videos, to actually ‘understand’ what their content is, how relevant the content is for the current investigation, and whether or not it needs further review.