Training helps you to develop new knowledge and skills, or enhance existing ones, to maximise your competence in examining digital media using our tools. 




Heroes aren’t born super… ​they’re trained​

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Having worked in Law enforcement for over 12 years I know the importance that training holds.​

Our training not only improves staff morale but also gives job satisfaction, thus improving efficiency and productivity, giving the learner the confidence to produce the best possible evidence that is demanded by courts due to the importance and complexity of digital evidence.”

Ash Crowther​

S21 training options

Our applications are designed to be intuitive, with most users full trained within 1 day, we believe software should be easy to use without needing days of training.
Complimentary starter training

Complimentary starter training

Online and in-app tool training for new users, as part of their initial purchase.​

You will get:

  • Learn the basics of S21 solutions including installation, intelligence database setup, case setup, review and reporting​
  • Find how to access various support materials to assist in the continuous development of yourself and your team​







Price: Free

S21 Training Passport

S21 Training Passport

Learn through modular training material which covers installation, tool setup, intelligence database management, streamlined case creation, categorisation and victim identification

Learners are provided with access to the S21 online training Passport portal in addition to accessing our in-person training classes.

You can learn from industry experts, in live instructor-led training sessions or enquire for a private session.​

You will get:

  • Learners are provided with 12 months access to the online S21 portal, hands-on remote training through self-paced independent learning
  • Access to a rich set of text and video training material​s
  • Take an online assessment, and earn a certificate on successful completion​
  • Receive email support from industry experts​

Price: $500 (USD)

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