Working Alongside AI To Reduce The Load

CSAM investigations​

AI: an investigator’s virtual partner.

Digital devices are becoming cheaper, storage capacities are increasing, and almost every device is having connectivity or internet access, and many can produce images and videos. A consequence is that the investigation of images and videos is turning into an increasingly huge burden for investigators.

A Detective Constable was asked to examine a large child sexual abuse case. The digital media stretched into many terabytes of data, extracted from phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. As she prepared to load the extracted evidence into a single case in S21 LASERi-X, she was at the most daunting point … knowing she would need to review millions of images. To deal with this deluge of data, the detective wanted to reduce her manual review workload by discarding irrelevant material reliably and quickly. But where does she start?

The case loaded up into S21 LASERi-X in just over a minute and the detective started to review and categorise the images and videos, whilst the AI continued to look for nudity and to estimate people’s ages, all the while returning results for the attention of the detective. This allowed the detective to quickly find child sexual abuse material (CSAM) material. 

The AI swiftly discarded irrelevant material; reducing the amount of material to be investigated into about two thirds of the original case material. The detective then went ahead with the task of categorising the CSAM, and completed a comprehensive investigation report for the suspect to be prosecuted for possession of CSAM. While she was doing the grading, she was also looking out for offenders and potential local victims, and thus she used the S21 LASERi-X AI to discover relevant clues faster. The AI presented them to her in far less time than manual review would have required. The AI supported her like a virtual assistant and made her caseload much lighter.

S21 LASERi-X quickly discarded irrelevant material; reducing to about two thirds the amount of material to be categorised and investigated for possible victims and offenders. The AI also returned clues for finding victims and suspects; presenting them to the investigator in far less time than manual review would have required.

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