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The frustration remains the same, all too many times! We all know it is a big waste of time having to grade vast amounts of media that, unknown to you, have previously been viewed and graded by another investigator. Of course, local databases exist to help identify known media, but they have the restriction of being only for the local area or, at most, the country. With the steeply increasing number of criminals travelling internationally, to commit offences, it is crucial that investigators have the best tools to bring these offenders to justice promptly, by having access to not just local intelligence, but also to global intelligence. The good news is all that is becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the S21 Global Alliance Database (GAD) and S21 LASERi-X.

Recently, a police force (unnamed for legal reasons) investigated a suspected child sexual abuse case, in record time. Previously faced with the usual task of trawling slowly through a massive mountain of media evidence, the investigator would have opened the case and begun viewing and grading thousands upon thousands of videos and images. That was both time-consuming and mentally damaging to the investigator. Because their organisation is now part of the S21 Global Alliance Database community, this same investigator now opened their case in S21 LASERi-X and simply chose the ‘Compare to database’ option on the analysis set-up screen. With the GAD imported swiftly, in just 1 second, S21 LASERi-X quickly identified any files that had been seen and graded worldwide, complete with victim identification intelligence.

This case contained just over 1 million unique images and videos. In just 6 minutes, over 10,000 CSAM files were identified automatically, using intelligence from the GAD, which also included global locations, where the media had previously been seen, and the relevant investigator details. By using state-of-the-art AI features within S21 LASERi-X, together with rich intelligence available in the GAD, 61% of the case was automatically pre-categorised in just a few minutes, without a sweat. This saved days of precious time. The intelligence from the GAD allowed the investigator to link the case to an ongoing multi-country investigation. GAD was the crucial jigsaw piece which made it possible for multiple agencies to collaborate easily, quickly, and simply.

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