Eliminating the Shackles of Air-gapped Networks, for GPS Data

CSAM investigations​

Putting crimes on the map, literally … Who needs the internet anyway?

GPS information can be essential to many types of investigations. The main issue is finding this information and working with it, even when restricted by lack of internet connectivity.

A Sexual Offences Unit was investigating a case. The Detective Inspector in charge of the examination began by creating a new analysis in S21 LASERi-X, and importing evidence from various third-party tools. With the assistance of S21 LASERi-X’s AI, the inspector was then able to filter the millions of images and videos, and retain only the thousands of illicit imagery. The AI found images and videos of interest based on their child sexual abuse content, or significant faces or objects or marks which were visible in the imagery.

The inspector was not so much interested in the devices used to take the images and videos but rather in the location where the images were taken. She was interested in images taken in the area where the alleged offence took place and she needed to swiftly find any relevant digital media.

So, the inspector tapped into S21 LASERi-X’s offline mapping capability. With a couple of simple clicks and without any internet access, she reduced thousands of illicit images and videos down to just the few taken within the region of interest. All along this process, S21 LASERi-X’s advanced interactive map allowed her to specify this region to be the area where the suspect lived, and to narrow it at will. 

This invaluable functionality of S21 LASERi-X enabled the inspector to piece together the relevant evidence. She exposed hands-on sexual abuse based on close inspection of the locations, times and people associated with the content of the images and videos. Importantly, the inspector found the victim, and the police was able to rescue the child. 

Case solved! S21 LASERi-X enabled the detective to deploy location-based filtering and quickly eliminate irrelevant images and videos from further scrutiny. The officer was able to visualise the findings on a map and link the various pieces of evidence, and ultimately find and protect the victim. 

Be the hero, who finds more victims today