Identifying Drugs and Money

Counter terrorism, major crimes and more​

Mobile imagery has certainly assisted in drug-dealing, let’s use the same to assist investigators.

After a suspect was arrested, believed to be dealing in drugs, an investigator was handed a number of devices, including 2 phones and a laptop computer. The suspect was detained after an anonymous tip-off that they had sent imagery of their recent shipment to a number of potential clients.

The investigator proceeded to image the devices, exporting all images and videos into a unified case inside S21 LASERi-X. Using S21 LASERi-X’s GPU-accelerated object recognition AI, the investigator processed all the images and videos, to identify possible imagery showing drugs or money, with results showing in real-time in the filters, and once checked, on screen. 

Almost immediately hits showed. Moreover, using other S21 LASERi-X functions to show files in the same directory, visually-similar imagery and colour searching, the investigator was able to quickly uncover a number of images with identifying characteristics which revealed not only the suspect, but potentially other suspects also involved.

What can’t speak, can’t lie – and a swift admission from the suspect during an interview settled the guilt.

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