Investigating a Suspect Lifestyle, with Audio

Counter terrorism, major crimes and more​

The Big Brother house has hundreds of cameras and a film crew, our investigator had S21 CCTV.

An intelligence team, tracking a suspect, needed to ‘lifestyle’ her activities at a place of interest, including arrival times, departure times, other people at the same locations and more. The challenge was how to process days and weeks of footage, to find key evidence without having to go through months of manual review.

Deploying S21 CCTV, the intelligence team were able to import all the footage into a single analysis. As the camera was fixed, the investigator drew a region across a doorway of interest, enabling S21 CCTV to quickly process and reveal all points in time when people had walked in and out of that doorway. 

The vehicle driven by the suspect had a sports exhaust fitted, which created a much louder than average sound – driven by someone that liked to ‘show this off’. So, in addition to the target motion analysis, the investigator also ran the audio analysis. The analysis results were shown on each video, enabling the investigator to quickly see on two colour-coded bars (one for motion and one for audio) for each part of the video the amount of motion and level of audio. Using this information, the intelligence team could quickly hear when the suspect’s vehicle was nearby, even when they were not in-frame providing pivotal information on the suspect’s location. The motion information revealed each time the suspect entered the target region, along with other persons of interest.

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