Pool Mode – Time to pool your resources

Counter terrorism, major crimes and more​ | CSAM investigations​

Already faced with a mountain of cases, yet another case drops on your desk. The latest one to arrive is time-sensitive, with the evidence tied to an ongoing major case. The volume of images and videos is a staggering 20TB! Processing and grading this alone could take months.

Keen to avoid such a long time, the investigator enlists the help of a local satellite team of investigators to speed up the grading by utilising “Pool mode” within S21 LASERi-X. By simply clicking “Create pool”, each member of the team is able to log into the case and grade together with others in the team. Images being seen are unique to each investigator, to prevent multiple grading of the same media; allowing the case to be processed in real time by an entire team rather than just a single person. The team further sped up the case completion time by utilising the AI available within S21 LASERi-X, such as S21 Assisted VID and S21 Auto-categoriser. These helped them literally fly through the case, by filtering out irrelevant files, highlighting high risk files and assisting with victim identification. 

Completion of the case took 6 days, with 15 victims found and rescued, and linking multiple ongoing investigations within the area.

Be the hero, who finds more victims today