Real Teamwork With Pool Mode

Counter terrorism, major crimes and more​

Enabling a team to work together in real-time, to support everyone.

Being faced with an urgent case with millions of files to analyse, and the potential for local abuse, is a nightmare for any investigator. Even with colleagues willing to help, there was no simple and streamlined method for investigators to work together, without having to split case data, limit data seen or completely change their ways of working … until they deployed LASERi-X.

Using LASERi-X, an investigator imported all digital media into a single analysis, which took only a couple of minutes. From inside LASERi-X, they then chose to create a S21 Pool, which took only a few minutes to create, requiring no additional hardware. Once done, all other investigators with LASERi-X were able to connect to the same investigation without the need to copy media to each workstation, or to segment the case.

LASERi-X was able to provide each investigator will full access to all the media, and show any updates (categorisation, notes, flags etc) in real-time, as others worked on the same analysis. Using the option to display files unique to themselves, LASERi-X ensured they could see images, not being reviewed by other investigators, to prevent overlaps.

For victim identification, each investigator was able to run a specific AI, for instance one ran the facial analysis and another ran the nudity analysis. This process used the processing power of their individual workstations but shared the results in real-time with everyone connected.

Using Pool mode, the team were able to quickly process the whole case, individually marking possible VID images and videos in record time – a true team work experience.

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