School badge lookup – Linking the rainbow

CSAM investigations​

Hours into an investigation, the investigator was faced with over 1TB of images and videos including a large amount of CSAM. With no clear faces in view and no identifying backgrounds the investigator was facing the possibility of the child victim depicted going unidentified. 

The only lead the investigator had was a cut-off partial view of a school jumper laying on the ground in a few of the images. The only visible part of the badge is a rainbow with a red background but no school name can be seen. Historically the investigator would have had to search for hours on the internet to try and find a match but ultimately, with so little to go on, they would have been highly unlikely to find a match. 

Using S21 School Badge look-up within S21 LASERi-X the investigator typed a description of what they were seeing into the search function and found a match within the minute! They were able to not only identify the school badge but see the full address, school location pinned on an offline map and full contact details for the school.

Following a meeting with the school, the victim was identified by the principal and an arrest was made.

The victim was rescued from the terrible situation they were in and intelligence from this case helped to provide evidence of a link to previous cases that had gone, until now, unsolved within the area.  

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