Soldier in sight – who are you?

Counter terrorism, major crimes and more​ | CSAM investigations​

During an investigation, a video of interest is identified; a solider is depicted in it. With no visual clues as to who the soldier is or where the video was filmed, where do you go next?

The investigator on the case needs to find something within the evidence in front of them, to help identify this soldier, and fast. 

After scrolling through pages and pages of images and videos, with no luck. The investigator then turns to the “Connections” feature within S21 LASERi-X. With a simple click, the AI links together files and provides, amongst others, a picture taken at what appears to be a nightclub. The facial searching feature within S21 LASERi-X has found the soldier and they can be seen within the crowd. Still there is no location visually present, however the GPS within the metadata of the image can be used. The investigator then uses the “POI look up” feature within S21 LASERi-X and it returns an army barracks only 1 mile away from where the image was taken. 

With this strong lead the army barracks is contacted, and the soldier is identified, eventually leading to both the suspect being identified and the victim being rescued. 

Be the hero, who finds more victims today