Tracking The Origin Of A Vehicle

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Identifying a suspect vehicle across multiple videos, with a selection of suspect number plates? Game on.

Tracking vehicles can be difficult at the best of times, but when an investigator was faced with footage ranging from body cams, home cams, commercial CCTV and more – trying to piece the puzzle together only made things more difficult. The next challenge was that they had a number of suspect vehicles, but were unsure which vehicle was where or when.

However, using S21 CCTV the investigator was able to tackle this difficulty.

Importing all the media sources into S21 CCTV within a minute, the investigator then proceeded to run the built in ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and vehicle detection functions, accelerated with a GPU. 

In real-time, the investigator was able to open the results and filter videos based on frames which had vehicles detected in them, and (even better) number plates. Using the built-in number plate filter, the investigator typed in the number plate that they were looking for, and the relevant video frames were instantly shown, revealing the frame, time, source information and most importantly, the suspect vehicle. Tagging the frame for the report, the investigator then quickly produced an SFR intelligence report.

Further into the investigation, the investigator also improved the lighting in the video frame, and even enhanced the resolution of the frame giving a better view of a suspect driving the car.

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