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A simple, intuitive, non-intrusive way to protect investigators.

S21 Investigator Wellbeing software

Protecting those that protect us is paramount, mental health affects us all

1 in 20

​Emergency service staff have tried to take their own lives

1 in 3

​Police staff are currently seeking help for mental heath issues

2 in 3

​Police staff are seeking other employment to safeguard mental health

We’re passionate about wellbeing


“No one understands and respects the amazing work that law enforcement do across the world, to tackle CSAM, more than me and my team here at S21. ​

That’s why in 2015 we were the first digital forensics provider to implement support for investigator wellbeing into our applications, inspiring other major vendors to do the same.​

Many of the team here at S21 are ex law-enforcement and have experience of the distress caused by investigating CSAM. They now use this experience to ensure our products support the well-being of investigators and online moderators, without hindering investigations.​

Doing nothing, failing to act to protect investigator’s wellbeing, affects the lives of heroes who protect all of us. Even if it doesn’t involve us, please do something.”

 Liam Owens, CEO and Founder of Semantics 21​

How do we help you to protect your mental wellbeing?​


Real-time, easy to understand statistics​


In-app personalised wellbeing insights​​


Management team console​


Customisable reporting

A dual approach to safeguarding mental wellbeing

S21 LASERi-X User
S21 Investigator Wellbeing Console

Safeguards on the frontline

S21 LASERi-X is equipped with wellbeing monitoring and protection systems to enable investigators to conduct their investigators in a safe environment, while monitoring their own health.

  • Dynamic break alerts to prevent over exposure
  • Privacy and blurring to mask explicit content
  • AI, intelligence databases and smart workflows to reduce manual categorisation
  • User configurable layout and behaviour along with real-time support

Enabling supervisors to support their teams wellbeing

A first of it’s kind solution to enable managers to understand the exposure levels of their teams, to be able to efficiently and safely allocate workloads, and support mental wellbeing policies.  

  • Real-time breakdown of high risk cases and staff exposure levels
  • Spot patterns and trends to support colleagues
  • Assess the impact of innovations such as intelligence databases
  • Generate informative reports to support wellbeing and business cases

Advanced wellbeing features


Dynamic break alerts


User customisable grading thresholds


Collaborate on cases with peers


Automatic privacy engagement


Blur and distort notable imagery


Extract still frames from videos


AI Auto-categoriser and filtration


Masking explicit parts of imagery


Muted video playback by default


File stacking based on hash and visual similarity


User toggleable privacy blind


File description sharing in the intelligence databases


Frustration free importing and support


Mind cleansing imagery and scenes for breaks


Breath yoga style guidance


Customisable app interface and behavior 

S21 Global Alliance Database

Contains over 2 billion CSAM & CT related records, including media notes and descriptions, designed to reduce your manual review and over exposure to CSAM & CT material.


The feeling you get when you have just rescued a victim.

Don’t let your toolset let you down.​

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