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Victim identification, triage, image and video categorisation

S21 LASERi-X logo


Our flagship product enables thousands of investigators across the world to identify more victims and streamline categorisation, with specialist workflows and AI, including S21 Auto Categoriser and S21 Assisted VID to help automate investigations.

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S21 Discovery

A new-age in triage, S21 Discovery tackles the limitation of traditional triage by providing a range of file processing along with state-of-the-art AI to find files of interest faster, also enables victim identification to be run from the very start.

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S21 Global Alliance Database

Connect S21 LASERi-X and S21 Discovery to the world’s biggest CSAM intelligence database with over 2.5 billion records and growing!​

Wellbeing monitoring

CCTV review and analysis​

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S21 Investigator Wellbeing

Working alongside S21 LASERi-X, this dedicated monitoring application is for team leaders to quickly see the amount and severity of media reviewed by their team, and to highlight patterns and trends to protect their teams wellbeing.​

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S21 CCTV – Coming soon!

A purpose built CCTV review product to quickly import and review CCTV and video from various sources at rapid speed, with advanced AI to automate the analysis process, video enhancement and reporting.​ 

CCTV media review and analysis​


A purpose built CCTV review product investigators to quickly import and review CCTV and video from other sources at rapid speed, with advanced AI to automated the anlaysis process, video enhancement and reporting.​

Data recovery and product automation​

S21 Data Carver logo

S21 Data Carver

The S21 Data Carver enables investigators to quickly analyse connected drives, or forensic images to retrieve live, unallocated and deleted image and video media.
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S21 Streamline

Developed in partnership with Jedson Technologies, S21 Streamline automates multi-disk imaging, data carving, analysis and media extraction via X-Ways Forensics followed by case creation inside S21 LASERi-X.

Media enhancement and corrupt handling

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S21 Enhance

S21 Enhance uses state-of-the-art, bespoke AI to enhance image and video media from lightness and annotation, through to super resolution, converting greyscale to full colour, facial rebuilding and so much more.​

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S21 Corrupt Handler

S21 Corrupt Hander can be used alongside your third-party tools, processing corrupt image and video media ignored or considered corrupt by others potentially revealing significant evidential cues or victims.​

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