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Like you, we believe every child deserves to be rescued from sexual abuse. Don’t let your toolset let them down.


Only 1 in 8 children who are sexually abused are identified

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Together, we can find more.

The global leaders in CSAM victim identification

Automated Solutions

We provide automated solutions for victim identification, categorisation and media review.


Victim-centric Approach

More than a categoriser, we believe victims come first, therefore we should find them first.



Our unique wellbeing monitoring capabilities help reduce risk and safeguard investigators.


Our CSAM solutions, helping you rescue more victims

s21 discovery software
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S21 Discovery

A dedicated CSAM triage tool. Onsite or in a lab, it’s fast, reliable, and powerful

s21 laseri-x software
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The world’s most advanced categorisation and victim identification solution

S21 Global Alliance Database

Contains over 2 BILLION CSAM related records, including media notes and descriptions, designed to reduce your manual review and over exposure to CSAM material.

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S21 Investigator Wellbeing  software
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S21 Investigator Wellbeing​

The only dedicated wellbeing management console designed to monitor and report user CSAM exposure levels

Our other products designed to evolve your workflow

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S21 Streamline

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Trusted by experts worldwide, don’t just take our word for it

Switch with ease, free trials, migration period and training

Powerful, easy to deploy, simple to use. S21 products need only a matter of minutes of learning for a quick start, and a few hours to become competent – no need for extensive training.

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