The most advanced victim identification and categorisation solution

Find more victims, close more cases and protect your teams mental wellbeing.

S21 LASERi-X software


Developed to streamline CSAM and media investigations


Rescue more victims

Prioritise safeguarding of children with automated CSAM and victim identification


Eliminate backlogs

Import over 1 million images/videos ready-to-categorise in less than a minute​



Support and monitor your teams mental wellbeing

Pioneering features for your investigations

Victim ID
Team mode

Import over 1 million images & videos per minute, ready to categorise

Some say speed doesn’t matter, but we know that the faster you find a victim, the quicker you can safeguard them.

  • Importing multiple exhibits (phones, computers, etc) into a single analysis
  • No requirement for pre-processing, saving you hours or days
  • Flexible processing options per exhibit allowing for greater processing control

Reduce manual work and decrease case processing time

Deploy AI to act as an extra pair of eyes to find important content faster while providing piece of mind.

  • Find persons of interest using facial analysis and visual similarity
  • Analyse scenes with motion and audio analysis, hentai detection, scene recognition
  • Discover critical evidence with object recognition, speech,  OCR/QR analysis, blur analysis
  • And a lot more

More than just another categoriser

Categorisation should be simple and autonomous, we deliver this for your investigations.

  • Automatic CSAM image and video categorisation
  • Workflows to group and order images based on relevance
  • Customisable methods to grade media including Autoscroll, Auto refresh and Hotkeys 
  • AI and intelligence databases to instantly reduce manual workloads

Victim identification for everyone, because Every Victim Matters

Significantly reduce the challenges of victim identification, through automation, AI and simple workflows. 

  • Automated victim identification, prior to categorising
  • Run hundreds of automated searches in seconds, with real-time results that are easy to interpret 
  • Supported by automatic file connections, facial analysis, offline mapping & POI, school badge lookup
  • Supporting NCMEC Cybertips, Project Arachnid, Project VIC, UK CAID

We make the software, you choose how it looks

Fully customisable interface that works for you, choose the theme, layout and profiles down to the last button and filter to show (or not!).

  • Pre-programmed profiles fully customisable by you 
  • Various media display modes including a distraction free ‘clean’ grading view
  • Fully configurable hot-keys and multi-screen support
  • Guided setup with a familiar interface and ribbon navigation toolbars

Intelligence has never been so simple

Complex intelligence is worthless, we make your intelligence easy to access, quick to develop and simple to share.

  • Supports the S21 Global Alliance Database, the worlds biggest community-driven CSAM & CT database
  • Additional support for NCMEC Cybertips, CPS, Project Arachnid, ICSIE, NSRL, Project VIC and UK CAID
  • Integrated intelligence databasing to enhance your investigations
  • Easy to share intelligence including notes, tags, device information to find more victims

S21 Pool mode, team grading in real-time

Together you can find victims faster, support each other’s mental wellbeing and close cases faster.

  • Simple to share and review your analysis with other team members
  • Remote review cases across buildings or various sites
  • Deploy workload across multiple computers for distribute hardware processing of AI
  • Generate portable cases for offline or offsite review

Organisation’s have a legal responsibility to protect their staff, we want to help

Everyone deserves to be protected and safeguarded from harm in their line of work, but exposure to CSAM is life-changing not just for the victim, but the investigator also.

  • In-app activity and exposure monitoring for individual review
  • In-app safety mechanisms inc. privacy mode, break times, thresholds, image blurring
  • Management console also available to monitor colleagues exposure 
  • Decompression videos including green imagery and ASMR

State-of-the-art image and video enhancement

With the full capabilities of S21 Enhance and S21 Corrupt Handler included as standard, investigators can be sure to see a greater insight into their evidence and reveal cues otherwise missed.

  • Enhance poor quality, distorted or damaged image and video media  
  • Reveal cues by recolouring, upscaling, deblurring
  • Extract frames from and potentially play corrupt video media revealing unseen media
  • Annotate, blur, watermark, or crop segments of media for disclosure

Create fully customised, disclosure or comprehensive report

With S21 LASERi-X’s comprehensive yet fully customisable reporting you can be sure not to fall at the last hurdle.

  • Simple to generate DOC and PDF reports
  • Include or exclude information as required
  • Built-in report profiles, with ability to save and share with ease
  • Options to generate video overviews, create interactive reports, add encryption and more

Automate Victim Identification

The S21 Assisted VID enables everyone to conduct thorough victim identification searches, quickly and with ease.

With the S21 Assisted VID investigators can provide minimal ‘breadcrumbs’ of information and the automated AI will do the rest, highlighting possible files containing victims.

Like you we believe every victim matters, and now everyone can help identify and safeguard victims faster than ever before.


S21 Assisted Victim Identification
S21 Auto-Categoriser

Automated categorisation of CSAM images or videos

The S21 Auto Categoriser built into S21 LASERi-X enables users to process thousands of images and videos per minute to find illicit content.

Able to differentiate between CSAM, indicative content, legally held content and adult pornography, the S21 Auto Categoriser significantly reduces categorisation time and reducing the mental burden on the investigator. 


School badge Lookup

The world’s first offline school badge lookup (for Canada, UK, Ireland – with additional regions added soon) provides a unique ability for investigators to lookup school badges by name, address, region or even the human-description of the badge.

This means, if an investigator finds a badge with a ‘rainbow’ on it, but no wording, they can simply enter this description and any badges with a rainbow are returned. No internet required.

You are passionate about finding victims, so are we, which is why the S21 School Badge Lookup is a example of another initiative built-into S21 LASERi-X.

S21 School Badge Lookup

S21 Global Alliance Database

S21 LASERi-X and S21 Discovery can connect directly to over 2 BILLION records within the S21 Global Alliance Database


Creating an open community of collaboration with other industry experts​

S21 LASERi-X + S21 Streamline. Quite the pair

Using S21 Streamline to automate X-Ways Forensics creates a fast, comprehensive and automated CSAM solution. From multi-disk imaging, carving, anlaysis, extraction, through to creating your case and running AI in S21 LASERi-X.

S21 LASERi-X logo


S21 Streamline logo

S21 Streamline

By the time you realise, it may be too late.

Don’t let your toolset let you down.​

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