S21 Data Carver

Fast, accurate, simple​ data recovery​ 

A dedicated data recovery tool to analyse image and video media from disk images or connected logical and physical drives

S21 Data Carver software

Deploy a cost effective, simple carver with a streamlined workflow

The S21 Data Carver has been created to allow labs to deploy dedicated media carving capability to lab processing machines without the need for expensive software or training.


User selects one or more disk images, or connected devices​

S21 Data Carver logo

S21 Data Carver analyses and recovers live and deleted image and video media​


Results are automatically displayed in S21 LASERi-X or easily ingestible into 3rd parties​

Core features for your investigations

Extensive file recovery support​
Embedded file recovery​
Compressed and archive file recovery​
Encrypted file and virtual disk recovery​

Simple and intuitive user interface

Quickly recovers live and deleted​​ data

API ready or integration with S21 LASERi-X

Supports disk images, physical and logical drives

A strong start enables a strong finish.

Don’t let your toolset let you down.

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