S21 CCTV - Coming Soon!

CCTV review made simple 

An effective CCTV review tool designed for simplicity and ease of use, with only the features you need.

S21 CCTV software


Simple, powerful, CCTV review


Instant video ​



Specially built AI to speed up review​​


Easy annotation and tagging​


Comprehensive reporting​

Intuitive, powerful features

User friendly
Fast processing

Designed with you in mind to be used by all

This purpose built tool helps you to review footage at the speed and scale demanded by modern investigations. 

  • Unique functionality to review and tag frames of interest
  • Flexible, simple user interface
  • Customisable reporting from disclosure to fully audited reports

Keep pace with modern investigations

Significantly reduce the amount of footage to review by using the latest advancement in technology with S21 CCTV

  • Over 400x Faster performance vs manual review
  • Audio detection 430x faster
  • Motion detection 110x faster
  • Target area detection 320x faster

AI solutions to streamline your analysis

Utilise state-of-the-art AI to identify key evidence enabling fast and accurate review of your evidence footage

  • AI to detect persons and vehicles
  • VRM/ANPR detection to find registration plates
  • Colour anlaysis to find objects, vehicles, and scenes with specific colours
  • OCR and facial recognition to provide further insight into the footage

Don’t let poor quality or distorted media impede your investigations

Deploy easy to use specialty AI to enhance video and image media, forensically sound and fully audited

  • Enhance poor quality, distorted or damaged image and video media  
  • Reveal cues by recolouring, upscaling, deblurring and much more 
  • Extract frames from and potentially play corrupt video media revealing unseen media
  • Annotate, blur, watermark, or crop segments of media for disclosure

In a busy city like London, the average person is caught on CCTV over 300 times a day.

Supporting you, in analysing a wide range of evidence sources




Mobile Phone

Social Media




A single solution, dedicated to simple review of video footage

An all-in-one solution to process, review and report on CCTV and video footage. S21 CCTV provides everyone with a intuitive tool, without the need for any specialist hardware or third-party plugins to make video review quick and efficient.
Laptop with S21 CCTV playback
Laptop with S21 CCTV motion detection

Significantly reduce your manual review with AI and smart workflows

Using smart workflows and specially designed AI, finding relevant footage fast is simple with S21 CCTV. Without the need for extensive pre-processing, investigators can immediately start reviewing captured footage assisted with state-of-the-art AI to highlight vehicles, persons or scenes of interest.

Every second counts.

Don’t let your toolset let you down.

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