Finding Gang or Extremist Content

Counter terrorism, major crimes and more​

Tracing weapons, money, drugs or extremist imagery to their source … You can run, but you can’t hide.

S21 LASERi-X is used in a wide range of fields of policing; from child protection, major crimes and gang violence through to e-crimes. A Serious Crime Unit tasked a Detective Constable with investigating a major crime case. He was asked to examine multiple devices which included phones, tablets and computers, for any evidence of violent crimes – in particular, guns and knives. Using S21 LASERi-X, the detective imported the different evidence sources into a single unified case. 

Then began the potentially onerous task of reviewing the massive amount of digital media, including checking whether the case would need to be investigated further by the Special Operations Team. The detective turned to S21 LASERi-X, to retain only the relevant images and videos, and thus shorten the length of manual review. The high speed and advanced capability of S21 LASERi-X, including its AI, empowered the detective to swiftly home in on the relevant evidence. 

The detective was able to follow his own lines of investigation of the digital media, whilst (working in parallel) the AI highlighted files of interest, based upon their visual content and as determined by the case under review. S21 LASERi-X quickly reduced the amount of material to be investigated for possible evidence of a serious crime, into about half of its original size. S21 LASERi-X presented the results in real-time, and the detective was able to easily toggle between imagery depicting weapons, drugs and money, for example. 

The detective breezed through the examination in about two days. The AI also detected extremist imagery, which was subsequently passed on to the Special Operations Team for further investigation and action. 

S21 LASERi-X quickly discarded irrelevant material; reducing to about half, the amount of material to be investigated for possible evidence of a serious crime. The AI also detected extremist imagery; presenting it to the investigator in far less time than manual review would have required

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