The victim behind the badge

CSAM investigations​

In this harrowing case, a suspect was arrested on charges of possessing child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The suspect had been engaging in the disturbing activities of contacting and abusing children through social media platforms, while also recording videos of their abuse for collection and distribution.

During the investigation, an important breakthrough came when the West Midlands Police investigator discovered a video that, although of low quality and grainy footage, appeared to depict a school tie. Realising the potential significance of this clue, the investigator decided to employ cutting-edge technology to enhance the video’s quality and reveal vital details.

Utilising the powerful S21 Super Resolution capabilities built into S21 LASERi-X, the investigator enhanced the footage to 4 times the quality. This process effectively improved the clarity and sharpness of the video, making previously indiscernible elements more visible.

Clearly visible now in the footage was a school badge with some words written underneath it. With the crucial evidence at hand, the investigator then used S21 School Badge lookup to take this crumb of evidence to crack the case. By providing a basic description of the badge and the words underneath it, the tool swiftly and accurately identified the school badge, instantly providing detailed information about the school including the contact details for the headmaster. A process than until recently would have been a long and often un-fruitful endeavour which involved the investigator searching for hours or days through a search engine.

Equipped with the knowledge of the school’s identity, the investigator wasted no time in contacting the headmaster at the school. In collaboration with the school, they were able to identify the child depicted in the video and initiate the necessary rescue efforts.

This powerful combination of advanced video enhancement with S21 LASERi-X and S21 School Badge Lookup enabled the investigator to bring immediate help to the child. Such unwavering dedication from law enforcement, the use of next-generation technology, and co-operation from educational institutions, play a vital role in safeguarding children and bringing perpetrators of child abuse to justice.

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