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About us

Semantics 21 are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of law enforcement and associated agencies, through the design, development and supply of specialist software for digital forensics investigators.

Check out the ‘Who Are We?’ section of the site to learn more about us, or ‘Our Products’ to learn more about the tools we provide.

But What Is Semantics?

semantics se•man•tics (sĭ-mān’tĭks)
1. The study of the relationships between various signs and
symbols and what they represent.
[The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary]

2. The meaning or understanding of image content
[Image Semantics, Dictionary of Computer Vision and Image
Processing, Fisher. R. B. et al, 2014]

What We Deliver

All of our innovative software packages are:

Intuitive, simple to use and yet powerful
Innovative, integrating state-of-the-art research
Designed to reduce complexity and streamline workflows
Designed to decrease workloads, speeding up investigations, saving time and money

Fancy words, but ultimately, what does this all mean for …

Our Products


Motion Video Player (MVP)


Multi-Screen Viewer (MSV)

Icon (image viewer) 3

Image Viewer (imView)