Become a Certified Partner

We would welcome partnering up with law enforcement agencies, to customise our applications to make them more suitable for yourselves. If your agency is interested, please get in touch (details below), we offer incentives to our Certified Partners.

We do not offer ‘take it or leave it’ applications, we pride ourselves in offering customisable tools, tailored to suit your needs, to simplify workflows and eliminate complexity.

We are currently seeking user feedback towards further developing our commercially available applications (LASERp , LASERv , LASERm), in addition to BETA testers for our new and forthcoming applications.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Partner

There are many benefits of partnering with Semantics 21, these include:

  • Special licence fee agreements and other incentives.
  • Access to new prototype products and extensions.
  • Priority updates and fixes.
  • Products customised to suit your requirements and specifications.

Reviews from Our Certified Partners

“Their [Semantics 21 Ltd] passion to support law enforcement and aide victim identification shines through the product and their support. Being in the computer forensics field for over this past decade, I have yet to encounter such a high level of customer support and passion to enhance the products.”

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What is asked of our Certified Partner(s)?

As a Certified Partner, we ask the following to help us continue to provide excellent products:

  • Trialling and feedback (including bug reporting) for current and new products.
  • Ideas and thoughts on how to make our current products better, or new tools that you wish you could have.
  • Continue to help build our understanding of law enforcement protocols in your country, so that we can provide the best products and service possible.


Please check the products you are interested in, and provide contact details below. We aim to contact you within 2 working days, alternatively please feel free to call us on UK (+44) (1785) 330758. We look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

You must use your official Police or organisational addresses for identification validation. E-mails without official authentication maybe ignored by the system

Alternatively, Call Us UK (+44) (1785) 330758, or Email

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